The Prowl's Arnold Louis Wins FBA Regular Season MVP Honors

The Prowl’s Arnold Louis Wins FBA Regular Season MVP Honors

(Orlando, FL) – Arnold Louis of the Heartland Prowl is the winner of the 2013 FBA Most Valuable Player, the FBA announced today.

Louis earns the honor after leading his team, the Heartland Prowl, to the 2013 FBA Championship on August 3rd of this year. The former Savannah State Tiger was also awarded the FBA Championship MVP honors after contributing 27 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals to lead the Prowl to victory.

The FBA followed a point system based on the rating of each player by FBA team owners. To prevent bias, owners were not allowed to vote for their own players. Players Ernest Jones of the Florida Flight, Earl Mills of the Palm Beach Knights, and teammates Junior Geidi and Arnold Louis of the Heartland Prowl each garnered a 1st place vote. Louis received the highest point total based on his placement, thus receiving FBA MVP honors for the 2013 season.

Here is the final vote tally:

Arnold Louis, Forward, Prowl     32

Junior Geidi, Guard, Prowl     30

Earl Mills, Forward, Knights   24

Chris Stephenson, Forward, Rebels    24

Ernest Jones, Guard, Flight    23

Cory Lemons, Guard, Rebels    22

Corey Williams, Guard, Flight    22

Mark St. Fort, Forward, Prowl     21

Charles Louis, Forward, Knights   19

Michael Floyd, Guard, Prowl     19

Garvin Gordon, Forward, Flight    17

Stan Bufford, Guard, Rebels    14

Fabian Samuda, Guard, Knights   13

Jonathan Adamson, Forward, Flight    12

Germer Kinsey, Guard, Knights   11

Aubrey West, Guard, Rebels    9

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.


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