Weis Words Named Official Content Provider of the FBA

(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) has selected Winter Park, FL-based Weis Words to be its official Content Provider.

Weis Words (www.weiswords.biz) is owned by John Weis, who previously served as Director of Media Relations for the Florida Flight, one of the league’s cornerstone franchises, from 2009-2016. He also spent six seasons as Broadcast Coordinator for the Orlando Magic Radio Network.

Weis Words will provide monthly content focusing on FBA players, coaches, ownership and key staff members; and participate in other league activities as needed.

“John is a gifted writer whose knowledge of the game and familiarity with our league made him the obvious choice,” said Greg Kite, FBA Commissioner. “We have exceptional players, coaches and support staff that make up our league and many of them have highly interesting stories that deserve to be told. John will be in charge of these efforts and he’ll do a fantastic job for us.”

“I am very excited to once again be part of the FBA family, and I thank (FBA Owner) Mark King and Commissioner Kite for this opportunity,” Weis said. “I look forward to bringing a new level of coverage and insider access to the league’s fans.”  

Now in its 11th season, the FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball careers.



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(Orlando, FL) – Due to the elevation of Covid-19 cases within the state of Florida, the FBA Board of Governors have voted to withdraw plans to host a 2020 regular season.

The FBA adjusted to play the 2020 regular season in one location this year without fans, making the appropriate investments to offer commercial advertisements as a new, alternative revenue stream during games streamed to the public.

“Securing the venue dates for a full season has become too much of a challenge given the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in Florida,” said FBA Commissioner Greg Kite. “At this time, it’s more prudent to redirect our attention to 2021 while finding ways to do some sort of league smaller, more flexible league events this year.”

Although the regular season has been cancelled, FBA teams have been working hard to establish reasonable, executable plans to provide basketball opportunities that ensure players still get necessary, high quality game film. From exhibition games, youth camps and clinics and other alternative events, FBA fans can still expect a mix of diversified basketball activities in the state of Florida.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.



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(Orlando, FL) – The Gainesville Mighty Oaks have signed AJ Stallworth as the first coach in franchise history.

Stallworth brings an exceptional playing resume that includes championships at the High School (Wenonah High School, Alabama), college (Life University, NAIA 1), and minor league level (Decatur Court Kings, WBA). Most recently, he was the Head Coach of the ABA’s St. Augustine Glory.

Stallworth will assume both the role of Head Coach and General Manager, and will play a vital, public role in building the team’s presence in Gainesville.

“AJ’s enthusiasm and credentials made this an easy decision for me,” said Mighty Oaks Owner David Smith. “If you want to build a winning, championship-caliber team, you find a leader who has won. AJ is a winner.”

The team has tentatively scheduled their first open tryout in June, but Stallworth intends to rely on recruiting to build their inaugural team.

“This is such a great opportunity to build a minor league team in a place like Gainesville,” said Stallworth. “I’m blessed to have a lot of connections in the industry that helps with recruiting, but Gainesville has plenty of talent already. We should have no issue building a strong basketball program right away.”

Preparations are underway for the 2020 FBA season, but it is unknown when the Mighty Oaks will host their first home game in Gainesville, given the safety and health concerns stemming from COVID-19.

“It’s certainly a tough time to build a professional sports team, that’s for sure,” said Smith. “I’m optimistic though. The FBA has some great things planned, with lots of exciting things on the horizon. We’ll do our best with what we have, build a competitive team, and certainly represent Gainesville with pride and might!”

For more information about the Mighty Oaks, the team can be found on all social media platforms. You can also visit www.gainesvillemightyoaks.com.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.


Covid 19 Season Update Image

(Orlando, FL) – Despite challenges from the worldwide pandemic, the Florida Basketball Association (FBA) intends to play a season in 2020.

Over the past several weeks, the FBA Board of Governors and Board of Directors have outlined a variety of scenarios regarding hosting a season in spite of the complexities caused by Covid-19. Two very specific goals have been firmly established:

  1. The FBA will make every attempt to host a season, if at all possible, in 2020 regardless of how delayed it might be.
  2.  To aid with logistical challenges and the unknowns health concerns, the entire 2020 FBA season will take place in one centralized yet to be named location in Florida.

In preparation for this contingency plan, the league has made the appropriate adjustments and investments to salvage the 2020 season while also enhancing the quality and production of FBA games. With the unlikelihood of fans being willing or able to attend large gatherings, all games from the centralized location will be streamed Live for the public.

“In this challenging time, we see this as an opportunity for innovation, particularly in terms of the minor league basketball industry,” said Greg Kite, Commissioner of the FBA. “Centralizing to one location gives us an economic approach to streaming every game live, allowing us to show more of the public just how talented and entertaining the FBA product really is.”

In addition to season logistics, the FBA is also wrestling with a formidable plan to ensure the safety and health of all participants. Both Commissioner Kite and FBA Chairman and CEO Mark King have been consulting with health officials, doctors and city leaders to establish appropriate safety measures for all participants.

“The well-being of all participants is our biggest focus right now,” said King. “We must be confident and take the proper precautions to keep our players, referees and staff out of harm’s way. Based on what we’ve learned thus far, we feel very confident that we can implement the appropriate measures to provide a safe environment for everyone.”

While the season will start without fans in attendance, the league has not ruled out the possibility of having games in each team’s respective markets towards the end of the season.

“Formulating a proper, credible, high-quality broadcasting plan and capturing commercial advertising revenue has always been a part of our 10 year plan,” said Kite. “We had already invested in the technology and equipment to undertake this goal before the pandemic. Centralizing to one location was not originally part of that plan, but it definitely helps us logistically.”

While a specified location has been selected, an announcement will remain forthcoming until the plan has been all the way finalized. The start date has been tentatively set for late July, with games being held on the weekends.

“We’ve got a great business model for minor league basketball,” said King. “Some people were overly critical with our innovative approach in 2012, asserting our geographic state model was not sustainable. Ironically, that same approach has proven to be quite advantageous right now, making us far more capable to host a season while most other leagues, including the Euroleague, have either remained in hiatus or thrown in the towel for 2020.”

In conjunction with this announcement, FBA officials, including Kite and King, intend to host a Facebook Live session to further elaborate and field questions from the public. For more information, visit www.thefba.com or follow the league on social media platforms to stay up to date.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.


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(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) announces the addition of the Brevard Bobcats of Melbourne, Florida as a new expansion team for the upcoming 2020 season. The Bobcats will be owned by Meenyus Miller, Jr., a young entrepreneur and resident of Palm Bay, Florida.

The Bobcats are the second expansion team to be announced for the 2020 season. Earlier this week, the approval of the Gainesville Mighty Oaks was also announced.

“The planning and preparation already done by Mr. Miller was very impressive,” said Greg Kite, Commissioner of the FBA. “We’ve developed a strong following over the years for the FBA in Brevard County, and we look forward to seeing that tradition carry on with the Bobcats.”

“I’ve been watching the growth of the FBA for 5 years,” said Miller. “The FBA has changed the trajectory of opportunities for basketball players in Florida. I feel blessed nd honored to have been given this opportunity to build something that will enhance my community on multiple levels.”

Next steps for the Bobcats include finalizing their venue and building an inaugural roster, both of which have been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information about the Bobcats, email Mmillerjr@brevardbobcats.com.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career. 



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(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) has approved the Gainesville Mighty Oaks of Gainesville, Florida as an expansion team for the upcoming 2020 season.

The Mighty Oaks will be owned by David Smith, a veteran to minor league sports. Smith, a minority partner for the Twin City Cyclones of the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL), worked as a scout for the Brooklyn Aviators and Augusta Riverhawks. He remains a Head Scout for the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FHL).


The Mighty Oaks are one of two expansion teams joining the FBA for the 2020 season. FBA Commissioner Greg Kite heralded the city of Gainesville as a top tier prospective city for FBA growth.

“Gainesville has a rich basketball history,” said Kite. “The Mighty Oaks will provide a nice landing spot not only for the University of Florida, but also for Santa Fe college players seeking to continue playing basketball professionally.”

As with all FBA teams, the Mighty Oaks will use a mix of sports agents, scouting, recruiting and open tryouts to build their roster for their inaugural season. The team plans to host a free, open tryout after the restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted.

“I was instantly impressed with Commissioner Kite and the growth, direction and sustainability of the FBA business model,” said Smith. “I’m excited to become a member team, and looking forward to bringing a fun, high-quality, affordable basketball entertainment product to the good people of Alachua County.”

The free tryout event is tentatively scheduled for June 7th from 2-6pm at the Legacy Park Multipurpose Center located in Alachua, Florida, pending updates from officials monitoring COVID-19 protocol. Interested players can email GainesvilleMightyOaks@gmail.com, call 206-304-3332, or message the team on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Gainesville-Mighty-Oaks.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.





“As global citizens, it is imperative that we, as a league, follow the lead of the rest of the world and suspend all Florida Basketball Association gatherings and activities at this time until the potential dangers of the corona-virus pandemic are better understood, and our leaders and health care professionals put forth a strong vote of confidence confirming a level of safety before league activity resumes. It is our intent for this to merely be a delay in the start of our upcoming 2020 season, not a cancellation. However, public safety has always been and will always remain at the forefront of everything we do.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone being directly impacted by this pandemic, and we urge the entire world to choose caution and care over convenience as we all unify to minimize the danger and impact this pandemic has on our world.”

~ Commissioner Greg Kite

FBA Welcomes Expansion Ft. Lauderdale Herd for the 2019 Season

The Florida basketball Association (FBA) has added Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the list of expansion locations for the upcoming 2019 season. The team, known as the Fort Lauderdale Herd, will be owned by Necho Carroll, a former FBA player for both the Palm Beach Knight and Jacksonville Royals.

Following suit with the rest of the FBA, the mission of the Herd is to bring a professional sports team to the Broward County while also driving positive, community change to the area through the game of basketball.

“We like the entrepreneurship opportunities that our league has provided over the years,” said FBA CEO Mark King. “It’s such an honor and privilege to invest into former players and empower them to become future business leaders in their respective communities.”

The Herd will be coached by Iving Pierlus, who brings over 10 years of organized basketball coaching and training. The team will utilize both the Betty T. Ferguson Sports Complex and the L.A. Lee YMCA Family Center as a venue for their inaugural season.

“We are excited to bring something like this to the Broward community,” said Carroll. “We want to follow the examples that have been set before us by other FBA teams and make a significant impact in our community both on and off the court .”

Fans can get their first look at the Herd on Saturday, May 4th as they host the 2018 FBA Defending Champion Palm Beach Knights. The game will be held at the L.A. Lee YMCA Family Center. Tip off is 3:00pm.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.



(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Flight of the Florida Basketball Association (FBA) was crowned Team USA after winning the Jump 10 FBA Team USA Selection Qualifying tournament this past Sunday.

The FBA, securing the host rights from Jump 10 and TBGT, Inc., opened the tournament up to any team willing to pay the modest $800 team fee to compete. Teams from as far as South Florida competed in the event.

The Flight came out victorious, going undefeated throughout the tournament. winning a free trip to Shanghai, China. They will  represent the USA in the Jump 10 World Hoops Challenge and play for a grand prize of $100,000 USD.

“We really wanted to start this year off right and make a statement,” said Flight Owner and Head Coach Mark King. “This is our tenth anniversary season, and our entire staff, players and even fans are all working very hard to make this year something special. This is a great start for us!”

The tournament used a slightly modified version of the Jump 10 World Hoops Challenge rules, including the two 12-minute game set competition format, a tie breaker game if needed, and a man-to-man defense requirement during competition. While an adjustment to regular FBA rules, the pace and format of the game gave fans an exciting, intense experience that some want to see more of.

“This was a very exciting format, and I’d like to see more games like this,” said Faye Winfrey. “Each minute was so critical. Each game is important. It really leaves you on the edge of your seat as a fan. It was very exciting.”

The final game featured the Flight against Team Win, a team comprised mostly of players with overseas experience local to the Central Florida region. It was the second meeting between the two in the tournament. The Flight defeated Team Win in round two, causing Team Win to battle through the Loser’s Bracket to get to the finals.

After splitting the first two games in the final round, the teams entered a 2 minute overtime set. Remaining tied after overtime, the two headed to the unique, Jump 10 rule of a sudden death, next basket wins scenario.

Per the double elimination format, a Flight loss would’ve required Team Win to defeat the Flight in a final 12 minute game to secure the championship win. That turned out to be unnecessary. Flight guard Elliott Glegg made the winning basket for the Flight, knocking down a free throw after Team Win was called for an illegal defense violation for trying to use zone defense coverage.

“It felt good getting the winning basket for my team, but it was for sure a collective effort,” said Glegg. “We felt like this was an opportunity for us to make a name for ourselves before heading to China in May for our international tour, so we really wanted to get this Jump 10 championship win.”

The win gives the Flight a free trip to Shanghai, China for the Jump 10 World Hoops Challenge, which will features 16 teams from 12 different countries. This will be the second visit to China for the Flight, as they are also scheduled for a 20 day exposure tour in May.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.


FBA to Select Team USA for 2019 China Jump 10 Event

Jump 10 FBA white


(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) has been designated a Team USA selector for the 2019 Jump 10 World Hoops Challenge, an emerging world class basketball tournament held annually in China.

The tournament, which started in 2016, is a global event where professional athletes and top level domestic amateurs represent their respective countries and compete for world bragging rights and cash prizes totaling $200,000 USD. Winter Park, a city within the Greater Orlando area of Florida, is one of 12 cities from 11 different countries designated as a selection city for the Jump 10 Worldwide Selection series.

The FBA, in partnership with To God Be The Glory, Inc., has chosen a 16 team maximum, double elimination tournament platform to select the team that will represent the USA. The winning team will be given a free trip to Shanghai, China in August to compete in the Jump 10 event.

“We’re proud of the global respect our league has earned in just 7 seasons,” said FBA Commissioner Greg Kite. “This is an exciting way for us to kick off our upcoming season, and we are looking forward to selecting a winning team that will represent the USA.”

Several FBA teams will compete in the qualifying event, which is open to any team in the USA. Invitations have also been extended to various other minor league basketball teams.

“I’d like to see several teams from other leagues play in this,” said Mark King, Owner and Head Coach of the Florida Flight. “There’s always some rumblings about which league is better. I say prove it. Let’s give the fans of minor league basketball something to really talk about!”

The FBA Jump 10 Qualifying event will utilize a modified version of the Jump 10 rules for the tournament. One unique setting is the 2 contest win requirement to win and move on to the next round. Teams will play two 12-minute contests for each match. In the event that each team wins one contest, a 2-minute overtime period decides the tie breaker. If the teams remain tied at the end of the overtime, a sudden death contest will ensue, and the team that scores first moves on.

“These unique Jump 10 rules make for a very exciting brand of basketball to watch,” continued Kite. “That’s what fans want to see. Fast pace, up and down, highly competitive basketball.”

The tournament will take place on Sunday, April 7th at the Winter Park Community Center. Games will tentatively begin at 10:00am. For more information regarding the event or to register a team, visit http://www.thefba.com.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.