(Orlando, FL) – Effective October 6, 2014, the Tampa Bay Rebels, a founding member team of the Florid Basketball Association (FBA), has announced their departure from the league.

In a statement announcing the decision, Rebels’ Owner and Head Coach Fernando Rojas cited an inability to properly operate the team going forward.

Rojas explained, “Making this decision has been an extremely difficult process. Changes in my company will not allow me to invest the time needed to properly train and manage the team.”

The Rebels enjoyed much success in the FBA, playing in the championship game for each of their 3 years of competition. They won the first ever FBA championship in 2010.

“While our vision is to be a league with longstanding teams, it is more important that we have team leaders who are confident in their ability to perform at a high level,” said FBA Commissioner Greg Kite. “We applaud the Rebels for making this tough decision, and wish him and his staff the very best in their future endeavors.”

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their career in professional basketball.


Just a little glimpse of my campus for the year. #GCD #gopro

Just a little glimpse of my campus for the year. #GCD #gopro

Had to post this.. Destroys any sand castle I’ve ever made! #ireland









This past weekend the Thunder had a tournament held at UCD, one of the larger colleges out in Dublin. We finished second, as we lost by 1 in the championship, but overall I felt even better about the way we all played together. We lost by 1 to a team who’s been together all summer and our team has only been together (completely) for about 2 weeks. I’d say we held our own, but we certainly should’ve done better. You could see spurts of greatness and chemistry both on and off the court. Whether it was a perfect extra pass for a better shot, or even a player volunteering to pick us up to go out to the game, I really can see a lot of potential in this team. Those little things go a long way!

Yesterday was my first day of class for my Master’s degree in international business; I had two of them actually. The bad part about having it at 9am, means having to catch the 7am bus into the city and walk the rest of the way or catch another bus. It was great because I was with my teammates Marcus and Sam (the Americans) and Juan (from Spain) in the first one, so we all could share that awkward “first day of school” feeling together. Unfortunately, the class itself was 3 hours long and not exactly the way you want to start your Monday morning: Management Accounting and Control. Lucky for us, it was just the first day so it wasn’t too bad.

After the first class, my teammates, who are studying Global Brand Management, and I parted ways. They went home and I went back to class. I was the only American in this one and it was fascinating to hear all the different accents and find out about all the different backgrounds in the school. Apparently there’s about 80 (I believe) different nationalities being represented on our campus, so that’s pretty cool to be apart of. You get to see so many different perspectives and insights based off other cultures. It’s also funny to see what other countries think of Americans.

I’m currently writing this blog on the bus ride to the city center, it definitely makes for some entertainment on this long bus ride but it’s kinda nice being able to think back about all that I’ve done so far. Today, my schedule gets worse; I go from 9am and finish around 6pm with 5 different courses through the day. Let’s hope they’re at least interesting! And then I have to rush back to make it to practice in time tonight to prepare for a game tomorrow. We have another set of games this weekend too, so wish us luck!

I’ll keep you guys posted on the outcomes of the games and how the rest of my school week pans out. This pretty much sums up my second week in Ireland! Until next time.=




(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) is pleased to announce the release of the 2014 Regular Season Schedule.

The league will return all four of their inaugural FBA teams and include a new, yet to be named Miami-based expansion team.

The FBA season will kick off Saturday, May 10th, with a 2013 championship rematch between the defending champion Heartland Prowl and the 2012 Champion Tampa Bay Rebels in Lake Wales, Florida. The Florida Flight will also take an east coast swing to Palm Beach and Miami for a doubleheader weekend.

The season will again be comprised of 12 regular season games for each team. It will also include an FBA All-Star Game to be played at the end of the season. In addition to the All-Star Game, festivities will include a 3-point shootout and a slam-dunk contest.

“We’re excited to show growth as we enter our 3rd season with the addition of a team in Miami,” said FBA Commissioner Greg Kite. “The FBA brand is being built on the quality, not quantity of teams in our league. Our steady, deliberate progression confirms our commitment to that vision.”

The regular season ends on Sunday, July 27, with the playoffs beginning the following weekend.

For a complete schedule, please visit www.thefba.com.

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.