About the FBA

The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career.

12 thoughts on “About the FBA

    • We have a very distinct, well thought out strategy for reshaping the landscape of minor league professional basketball in our beautiful state of Florida. Rather than waste energy focusing on what others are attempting to do, we prefer to continue to direct our attention towards our own centralized vision and mission. Nevertheless, feel free to share what your thoughts are about it. Thanks for your question, and thanks for being a fan of the FBA!

  1. I’m just glad to see that there is a REAL league and REAL teams in town. It kills me to see people scamming others and making money off the dreams of starry eyed players. You guys are established in the community and doing it right. THANK YOU for what you do.

    Sorry, I just get mad when I see someone swoop into my town and promise people the world knowing that they will be gone in a year.

    • Keith, thank you for your support. We’re pleased with our direction, and are especially thankful that each of our teams represent the FBA with pride and class!

      Which market are you in? Perhaps we can get the team to provide you with a pair of free tickets!

      • Thank you, but my comments are because I believe in your business model. I thank you for the gesture but fix are not necessary. I follow you from the Orlando market.

    • We are finalizing sites, but most should be the same as last season. We have a supervisor of officials. If you’d like to be an official for FBA basketball games, please let us know and we will connect you with our supervisor.

  2. Doesn’t sound like a secret to me. Just message them and they will connect you. Most organized teams and league I’ve seen in minor league basketball. FBA rocks!!!

  3. No…Mike Nichols is not affiliated with the FBA. We have no idea who that is.

    If you want to pursue a referee opportunity with the FBA, we’ve asked you to say so and we will assist you with submitting a resume.

    Further, with all due respect, our comment section is a place for our fans and supporters to post appropriate comments, praise and feedback. We have no intention of allowing this to become an adversarial platform for people to demean our league, or gripe, complain, and critically judge us in an anonymous manner.

    The mission of the FBA is to create a platform that provides development, branding and exposure opportunities for basketball players and practical experience opportunities for individuals seeking to further their career in professional sports. If you aren’t a fan of that, we have nothing further to add to this conversation.

    All the best!

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